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Rent to Own Your New Home In Florida With Bad Credit, No Big Down Payment & No Bank Qualifying *AS* You Fix Your Own Bad Credit!

In 2007, there's never been a better time to buy your home with no bank big down payment...and no credit rejections! This is a pleasant surprise.
Jenna B. Riverview, Florida



With bad credit & a small down payment, you can rent-to-own your new home.

Whether you call it "rent to own," "lease option," "lease purchase," or even "lease with an option to buy," the result is the same....the keys to your new home.

You do not have to bank qualify. You can live in and enjoy your new home as you fix your credit.

You can "try-out" your new home and neighborhood and not overpay for your dream home.

You can own your dream home, provided you have stable employment, can afford the home you desire & are serious about bank qualifying by lease term.

 How YOU Can Fix Your Own Bad Credit & Enjoy Your New Home....

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Yes, You Really Can...!

Right now, you have the opportunity to get the keys to your new home. This is 100% legal and 100% real.

We specialize in helping people just like you achieve home get the time and the help you need to bank qualify.

Would you like to work with a mortgage professional familiar with rent-to-own and credit issues? ....from day one all through your lease term? Okay, we can help you!

Would you like to fix your own bad credit? ...using step-by-step, easy-to-understand lessons that have helped many others just like you? Okay, we can help you!

If you qualify for our rent-to-own program, we will help you.

Do You Qualify For Our Help?

If you want our help, you must be willing and able to:

Make on-time monthly payments. If you have a history of not paying your rent on time, please do not even contact us. Unlike many others who only care about setting you up for failure and who do not care about your past rental history, we do confirm past rental history.

Maintain the property according to the contract. We only work with nice homes in nice neighborhoods. If you want to live like "pigs," please do not contact us. You must be willing to maintain your home, both inside and outside.

Work to bank qualify during the lease period. In life, all of us encounter financially challenging times. At those times, we all hope to encounter people who are willing to give us a second chance, a "hand up" if you will. This is exactly who we are and what we do. We are more concerned with who you are today, not who you were (or what your FICO was) yesterday. As long as you are willing to bank qualify during the lease term, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Is this who you are today? Are you willing and able to make on-time monthly payments? maintain your new home according to the contract and neighborhood standards? bank qualify during the lease term?

Apply Now To Rent-To-Own Your New Home!

Airline Pilot Overcomes Credit Issues By Renting To Own Dream Home!

"This is a testimonial to the power of positive thinking....

We had both come from very bad divorces, which left us with bad credit and debt.

We found (a home) we loved and made an offer, bad news; our credit would not stand the scrutiny of a primary home mortgage...we couldn't get financed.

I make a great living but my credit could not get us financed. We were devastated. How were we ever going to get out of renting?

That's when we found Realtor Mike Payne. I would recommend our (new) friend Mike to anyone who wants to get their own house and begin life again..."click here for more

Ken & Adriane Pellegrino
Clermont, Florida

Beware Scammers Promising You The World....

Absolutely, beware unlicensed people offering you a rent-to-own opportunity. We receive more calls and emails from people who have been scammed out of money and dreams by trusting an unlicense person.

As long as these people have an "equitable" interest in the property, they (in Florida at least) can steal your money and dreams and get away with it. You wouldn't believe the "contracts" these scammers get honest people to sign.

Hopefully, there's a special HELL for scammers.

Until then, work only with licensed people who will not jeopardize losing their license and facing criminal/civil charges. Now you know why Texas (and a few other states) will not allow unlicensed people to offer "rent-to-own" home ownership opportunities.

And when you hear somebody offer you this ridiculous promise, "No Money Down, No Credit Creck, No First Month's Payment," your good sense should tell you it's "too good to be true."

To cement this point, please answer honestly: Would you allow a stranger to babysit your three-year-old daughter or granddaughter? Of course you wouldn't. Then why would you think the owner of a house (of any price) would simply hand you the keys with no collateral, no background check, no credit check, no employment verification, etc?

It doesn't make sense, does it?

Understand this...the REAL people in this business really wanting to help you are going to make certain you can afford the home you desire...and that you're able and willing to pay on-time each month, maintain the house as you know you should & work to improve your credit.

Don't take your chances on unlicensed people. If they really want to help you, they'll get a license and be held accountable for what they SAY and DO.

**Important** Absolutely do not work with unlicensed people!

Real Families Do Receive Keys To Their New Homes...

Whether you're looking for your starter home, a second home or a palatial estate home, we can help you. We work with people wanting homes in all price ranges.

And yes, you can rent-to-own your home priced in the millions. It's the same process.

Scammers Could Not Stop Family From Their Rent to Own Success Story...

"Since April 2006, we been looking to buy a house, we went all over places like Kissimmee, Palmbay, Port St Lucie, Miami with three different realtor and broker that told us they can help but nothing happen cause of our credit situation.

In the last minute, we found a company online that post some very nice house picture, we drove from Miami to Kissimmee to see the house, when we got there that was terrible cause what we saw online is not what we got.

Finally, in October 2006, we came across a web site called, we start searching and see some beautiful houses but we still have doubt about what happen to us before and we said, let's take another chance, we called and left a message.

Same day a professional named Mike returned our call…. Now I told Mike that I would like to see the house and then he made arrangement for us to see it, now we have a beautiful house in a nice area named Haines City and we are so happy with the service that Mike give us.

*Important* Pictures on our website are of real homes in our out for 'bait and switch' scams. We are licensed. We help people the right way! . -Mike Payne, ASK Realty

Don’t let your credit hold you back for not having your house, I will recommend you Mike Payne, a good listener,a real person that can put you in your dream house.

(Their) asolution4you is a real solution for everyone.

Mike, once again thank you very much for your help and God will bless you and your family..."more

Ony and Jacqueline Pierce
Haines City, FL

Apply Now To Rent-To-Own Your New Home!

Rent to Own Home Program Really Works!

Tim & Sue Johnson of Orlando, FL, did not allow ugly credit to destroy their dream of future home ownership:

"...We are living proof that miracles really do happen. So many mortgage people with their 'everybody qualifies' sales pitch basically threw us out of their offices, almost seeming to laugh at our low credit scores.

However, the folks at never laughed, and they never pressured us. Everything was done upfront and straightforward as they told us it would be....

Now, we OWN our own home. We're not renters putting up with landlords and nosy, noisy neighbors, stuffed into a tiny box called an apartment.

We have our own home ... with a real kitchen ... our own paint colors throughout the house ... a real backyard for our children ... and a real garage. We are home!

Their rent to own program really works!

Thank you."

Tim & Sue Johnson
, FL

Are you (pleasantly) surprised to hear you really can get the keys to your new home? Are you surprised to hear you can live in and enjoy your new home as you repair your bad credit?

You can rent to own your new home in Florida with bad credit, no big down payment & bank qualifying *as* you fix your own bad credit. What are you waiting for...apply now to get started.

Click Here Now To Apply!

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