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"You Really Can Rent to Own Your Florida Home With Bad Credit, No Bank Qualifying & No Big Down Payment....!"

"...and discover how to fix your credit *AS* you live in and enjoy your new home."

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At Horizon Realty, buyers and sellers benefit from effective strategies for selling a house quickly or buying a home with bad credit and no big down payment.

Whether you are buying or selling...with good credit and tons of cash or bad credit and little can benefit from the highly effective Lease-Option.

Lease-Option Helps Buyers & Sellers!

The lease-option, known also as "rent-to-own," "lease-purchase," or "lease with an option to purchase," helps buyers and sellers.

For sellers, the lease-option markets your house to many more buyers who either cannot bank qualify or who refuse to risk their cash and credit in this soft market.

Buyers benefit from not having to bank qualify and come up with a big down payment. They can "try-out" the home and neighborhood before committing cash and credit, while enjoying their new home.

Sellers keep the tax break while moving on with their lives. As a seller, you don't have to keep lowering your price as the For Sale sign rusts in the ground.

Many people not able or not willing to bank qualify want to lease-option your house.

Live In & Enjoy Your New Home Now *AS* You Fix Your Own Bad Credit...!

This could be the perfect solution for you, if you really are serious about home ownership and credit repair. If you have bad credit and really want to own your home, you will discover the step-by-step, easy-to-understand breakthrough you've hoped to find.

Get the free report offered below before it's pulled. If you're truly serious about getting the keys to your new home, then you must get your hands on this report to begin discovering how to fix your own credit.

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